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Updated DRRA position on 5000 Beethoven project

September 20, 2023

To: Councilwoman Traci Park

Los Angeles Council District 11

Re: Concern over issuance of 5000 Beethoven Bridge

Permit, DBS Permit# 22020-10000-01437

Dear Councilwoman Park and All Whom It May Concern:

The Del Rey Residents Association opposes the above-referenced issuance of the bridge permit for the 5000 Beethoven project. This permit was issued without adequate community input and in a way that ignores the potential impacts of the bridge construction on the region’s ecosystem and habitat.

The bridge permit was issued without proper CEQA analysis, an EIR, review by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, LAFD and numerous other entitlements. Our Del Rey community remains concerned over the intended use of the site and no permit should be issued until the owners are transparent with the community about its intentions. The ecological sensitivity of the site due to its natural surroundings is well documented and should make all considerations at this site viewed with the utmost scrutiny.

In addition, the type of bridge required for this tsunami zone property will be determined by the type of development that will be occurring. The property could not be evacuated easily in an emergency as the bridge would be the only way in or out for vehicles.

Therefore, the Del Rey Residents Association requests that the DBS bridge permit be revoked based on issuance of an improper permit and that the developer be issued a stop work order immediately. Our Association has previously submitted letters supporting our position and we continue to strongly object to this permit.


Elizabeth Campos Layne,

President, DRRA


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