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Annual Membership Dues increased to $20

Dear Fellow DRRA Members,

It has been a busy year for our Association with our participation in a number of local events and programs, including grants to our local school students, participation in Del Rey Day and National Night Out, as well as regular meetings and activities by our Board and our various Committees.

With these activities and the general increase in business expenses, our Board has determined that a nominal increase in our Annual Membership Dues is appropriate. At our December D.R.R.A. Board Meeting, the Board has voted approval of a $5.00 increase in our annual Membership dues to a new amount of $20.00 annually effective 1st of January 2024. This is the first increase in a number of years.

Our Board of Directors wishes to thank each of our Members for your support and participation this past year. In the coming year 2024, we plan for more important and amazing activities. Our Association Purpose is to provide a representative voice for the residents of our Del Rey Community in maintaining and improving the family residential character of our neighborhood.

We encourage you renew your membership early, and look forward to your support and active participation in 2024.


Elizabeth Campos Layne

President, DRRA

Los Angeles (Del Rey), CA



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