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Triangle project brings questionable benefits

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

VIA EMAIL Culver City Planning: Michael Allen ( Los Angeles City Planning: Jason Douglas ( Bastion Development Corp: Denise Hewitt ( Re: Triangle Center Development Project 12727 W Washington Blvd and 12750 Zanja St The following analysis states the concerns of the Del Rey Residents Association (DRRA)1 to the proposed Triangle Center Project (Project).

1 The Del Rey Residents Association (DRRA) is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization that represents the interests of the residents of Del Rey. The Triangle Project, to be located at the intersection of Zanja and Washington (previous site of the 99 Cents Store) proposes six-story building of 144 apartments, 19,100 sq. ft. of retail space, and two subterranean floors of parking. DRRA Analysis of Concerns: 1) Traffic The proposed Project is at the intersection of SIX STREETS, and proposes to add 144 apartments and retail, yet provides no traffic improvements. Specifically, we need: a) Traffic signals to assist turns and timing signals to reduce backup. b) A plan that factors in time-of-day traffic due to several nearby schools. c) A safety plan to address the SIX STREET intersection for the people, bicycles, and cars entering, leaving and traveling past the Project. 2) Visitor Parking Without ample visitor parking includedin the structure, the neighborhood streets take the impact. Expecting visitorsto find available street parking is not acceptable when adding this many people to apartmentunits and shoppingarea. Permit parking,one consequence, is at a cost to residents. 3) Benefits Not Proportioned The Project lands in both LA (about40%) and Culver City (about 60%),yet 100% of the low-income housing benefits are attributed to Culver City. How come? 4) Infrastructure Time-and-again we review a new and large project with no mention of upgradesor improvements to power grid, broadband, gas lines, water supply, public services. By the way, which City (LA? Culver?)takes responsibility for public services? 5) State Mandates Our cities have State of California mandates to provide more affordable housing. Therefore, we must have restrictions or policies on new building to enable this. Culver City and LA must ensure we have units for permanent residents, and not more short- term rentals or co-living arrangements. 6) Scale. The Project is out of scale for the neighborhood and will be used to set new standards for the area. 7) Open Space The Project emphasizes the inclusion of 5000 sq. ft. of landscaped open space for public use at the corner of Zanja and Washington. Our neighborhood has been promised similar open spaces with previous projects, and yet, in reality, we do not enjoy such space. Also, one more time, parking. The Triangle Project has many problems to solve to be a workable development in our area. At this time, the Project focuses too narrowly on building without equal attention to the list of concerns. Our Board of Directors voted and approved this letter, drafted by our Land Use Committee. Regards, Elizabeth Campos Layne President, Del Rey Residents Association cc:

Del Rey Neighborhood Council,

Len Nguyen, CD11, Mar Vista CommunityCouncil Board, ℅ Matt Wersinger, DRNC, Mike Bonin, Councilmember,

Del Rey, CA - The original Del Rey. Before there was Marina. Before there was Playa.


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